Green-GO Wireless Antenna


Product information

The Green-GO Wireless Antenna is part of the Green-GO wireless communication system and is based on DECT technology. One Wireless Antenna serves up to four Wireless Beltpacks and each Wireless Beltpack X can be connected to four Wireless Antennas. The Green-GO Wireless Antenna can also integrate the Wireless Beltpack X into an existing wired network by simply plugging in the Wireless Antenna and cloning the configuration to the Wireless Beltpack(s).
The Wireless Antenna is powered through either the Power over Ethernet port or the mini-USB connector, both of which are located on the back of the device.

Use together with:
Green-GO Wireless Beltpack X
Netgear GS108LP 8-port PoE+ 60W Ethernet Switch

  • Serves up to 4 Wireless Beltpacks
  • Powered through PoE (802.3af-2003 Standard) or mini-USB


Fixture: Wireless Antenna
Manufacture: Green Go
Type: Intercom
Special: 4x Wireless Beltpacks. Range: 50-300m from antenna
Network: Ethernet network based digital intercom system
Network Protocols: Wireless link: DECT with G722 wideband Codec
Power connection: PoE or miniUSB
Accessories: Magic Arm, Superclamp.
Weight: 200 g
Dimensions (HxWxD): 145mm x85mm x30mm
Colour: Black