Swefog XEON II Intellahazer

Case Single DMX 5 pin Shucko


Highest output of all water based hazers.
Powerful 133mm 100W fan turbine for super-fast dispersion of haze in big arenas & outdoor stages.
Fully loaded with on-board DMX, clear-text alpha numerical display (no guess work).

Made in Sweden. 

Swefog XTreme heavy-duty 1,800W smoke generating plant: Cast aluminium heat exchanger with wide bore stainless steel vaporizer coil for quiet vaporizing. Integrated drop trap
High output capacity: Several types of fluid can be used, for creating everything between a crystal-clear, silk haze, to a high density fog, suitable for filling large stages or outdoor arenas.
Very precise atmospheric control: Output adjustable in 99 steps (1-100%).
Fan equipped with oversized low-rpm air turbine for quiet operation & high output capacity. Fan speed adjustable 11- 100%. Auto or manual speed settings. Fan is able to operate extremely silent.
Industrial quality silent air pump for smooth haze output without puffs of fog or fluid drops.
Heat-up time 7 minutes only. Continuous operation at all output levels.


Fixture: Xeon II Intellahazer
Manufacture: Swefog
Type: Haze
Special: 0 - 17.5ml / min (1,050 ml/h max)
DMX: 5-pin In/Out
DMX Channels: 2
Power connection: Shucko -> Powercon
Power consumption: 1,800 W
IP-class: IP20
Weight: 21,2 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 430 x 650 x 203 mm
Colour: Black
Fluid Container (För rökmaskiner): 5L