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Yamaha DM7

Product information

The Yamaha DM7 is a Dante-equipped versatile digital mixing console with unparalleled sound quality, ease of operation, and high reliability that make it perfect for a wide range of applications. The DM7 is configured with 24 + 4 faders and a 2 x 12” + 1 x 7” multi-touch screen.

More than 30 years since the release of Yamaha’s first digital mixer, the DMP7, the landscape of professional audio has seen a steady progression in technological advancements and innovations that have impacted mixing and recording styles significantly.

DM7 series mixing consoles represent a sizable step forward in this evolution of form, functionality, and flexibility with their intuitive UI, compact design, and comprehensive suite of powerful features that allow them to outperform other mixers in their class in an impressive range of audio environments. From broadcasting, streaming, and music production, to live hybrid events and concert performances, the advanced capabilities of the DM7 series set a new standard in operability and workflow while simultaneously staying true to Yamaha’s sonic tradition of “natural sound”. As the times continue to change, your DM7 will keep you ahead of the curve with a user experience that’s a cut above anything in its class, and sonic performance well beyond the expectations of audiences and engineers alike.

The DM7 series is an innovative digital mixer that not only guarantees unparalleled sound quality, ease of operation, and high reliability to connect engineers, artists, and audiences, but is also highly scalable and flexible enough to adapt according to application.


Product: DM7
Manufacture: Yamaha
Input channels: 120
Local inputs: 32 Preamps
Local outputs: 16
Mixes: 48 Stereo Mixes + 2 Stereo Buses
Matrixes: 12 Stereo Matrix
FX engines: 16 DSP resources, 43 effect types
Max I/O capacity: 144 in/144 out
Faders: 28 (12+12+4)
Recording: 2-track on flashdrive, 18 I/O USB audio interface
Digital I/O Port: 144 ch Dante
Sample rate: 96 kHz
Assignable controls: 6 Keys x 4 banks (physical) + 12 keys x 4 banks (On-screen) + 4 encoders
Network Protocols: Dante Primary/Secodary + 1 x 64ch I/O PY Slot expansion
Weight: 23.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 324 mm x 793 mm x 564 mm