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Le Mark Black Tak

Product information

Take controll over the light with BlackTak! 

Blacktac is self adhesive light masking, Temperature resistant, self-adhesive foil or black wrap that helps control light spills in professional TV, movie and theatre production.

 A self-adhesive, heat-resistant foil, capable of resisting temperatures up to 180°C once applied. The ultra-discreet, non-reflective top surface minimises reflection from ambient light. This helps BlackTak Light Masking Foil to go as unnoticed as possible, ideal for most professional lighting environments.

Use it togheter with Cinefol


Product: BlackTak Masking Foil 50mmx25m
Manufacture: Le Mark
Type: Masking Foil
Dimensions (HxWxD): 50mmx25m
Colour: Black