PAR 36 Pinspot 30W

Shucko Superclamp Tungsten

Product information

The PAR36 PinSpot is a aluminium fixture housing a 12v 50W very narrow spot lamp and a built-in transformer.Back in the days used for beam effects and make the mirrorball shine!

This unit is designed for use with a mirror ball to provide a highly directional beam of light that does not over-spill the diametre of the sphere.

It is also ideal for lighting tables at dinner dance events. Its fine spot is perfect to provide enough ambient light for eating while not ruining the atmosphere. The unit is supplied with a lamp, safety bond and a Superclamp. 


Fixture: PAR 36 Pinspot
Manufacture: DTS
Type: PAR36
Source: Tungsten 30W 6V
Special: Tight beam
Power connection: Shucko
Power consumption: 30W
Weight: 1,0 kg
Colour: Black