Source Four PARNel 750W 25°–45°

C-hook Shucko Tungsten

Product information

With the PARNel, ETC went beyond mere imitation and created a genre-bender with Fresnel-like functionality and the awesome performance of a Source Four PAR. A new category of product to the entertainment-lighting world. Featuring a patented wave-lens design and easy focusing knob, the PARNel lets you quickly access a range of 25º-45º - a smooth, soft, symmetrical field that you can spot or flood as needed.


Fixture: Source Four PARnel
Manufacture: ETC
Type: PAR
Source: Tungsten HPL 750W 240V
Color temperature (Kelvin): 3,200 K
Output (Lumen): 9,135 lm
Zoom: 25°–45°
Power connection: Shucko
Power consumption: 750W
IP-class: IP20
Accessories: Filterframe
Weight: 3,6 kg
Colour: Black