CEE 3-Phase Shucko

Product information

Distribution of mains power is the backbone of any performance, sound, lighting or vision system. Safety, reliability and compliance with the relevant standard are factors, which ensure that your power distribution system will protect the people who not only use it, but also those who are legally responsible for the overall safety of the installation.

SRS Power distribution devices are internationally recognized as reliable, of good value and solid construction. SRS manufactures a range of power distribution systems for touring and installation purposes.


Product: 6324SPX
Manufacture: SRS
Type: Power Distribution Unit
Special: Powermeter
Power connection: Input: 63A 3-phase CEE, 1,5m
Power consumption: Output: 24x 16A Schucko /4x Socapex
Weight: 32 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 19" 6 U