Smoke Fluid

JEM Pro-Fog Fluid

Product information

JEM Pro-Fog Fluid is the industry standard water-based fog fluid specially designed for use in all JEM fog machines.

This benchmark fluid is the automatic choice of most users and is the most specified fog fluid on the market. JEM Pro-Fog Fluid produces a dense white airborne effect with a medium length dispersal time. Its medium to high index of refraction makes this formula ideal for all effects. JEM Pro-Fog Fluid is ideal for use in clubs, theatres and touring applications where consistent results are required for each and every performance.

JEM Pro-Fog Fluid replaces Pro Smoke Super, ZR-Mix


Product: Pro-Fog Fluid
Manufacture: JEM
Type: Fog Fluid
Fluid Container: 2,5l , 5l, 25l, 220 l