Smoke Fluid

Swefog K1 Haze FLuid 3L Bag-in-Box

Product information

Molecular is a premium haze liquid for use in K1 haze generators. It creates a light density haze with medium-long hang time. Compatible with most fog & haze generators using water/glycol fluid.

The K family from Swefog use bag-in-box fluid which saves 75% of plastics compared to regular plastic canisters. The bag-in-box system also creates a 100% leak-proof environment also preventing the fluids from ageing. The whole box including the PE plastics are fully recyclable.

By choosing the bag-in-box you save money but foremost you are a little less cruel to the environment and help us save the world! 


Product: K1 haze Fluid BiB
Manufacture: Swefog
Type: Haze Fluid Bag-in-Box
Weight: 3 kg
Fluid Container: 3 L