Smoke Fluid

JEM Pro-Fog Fluid, High Density

Product information

JEM Pro-Fog Fluid, High Density produces a very long lasting water based fog effect. Its longevity means that foggers must be programmed for short, less frequent bursts to avoid saturation of the atmosphere. By following this instruction, fluid consumption can be reduced dramatically. 

JEM Pro-Fog Fluid, High Density is best described with the characteristics of high density, white airborne fog, with long hang time; it has a slow evaporation rate and high index of refraction. In environments unaffected by air conditioning and extraction, 
JEM Pro-Fog Fluid, High Density can be expected to dissipate 30% slower than JEM Pro-Fog Fluid. This makes is well suited for scenic obscuring, strobes, and ‘white-out’ conditions - which is why it is often specified for military and fire/EMS training simulations in addition to the conventional performance arts based applications.

JEM Pro-Fog Fluid, Quick Dissipating replaces Pro Smoke High Density, SP-Mix


Product: Pro-Fog Fluid, High Density
Manufacture: JEM
Type: Fog Fluid
Fluid Container: 2,5l , 5l, 25l, 220 l